Discover God

There is no greater joy than to help others discover God. Our deep passion is to help individuals who are broken, damaged, and lost to find Jesus Christ, their healer and hope.  He is the One who can mend broken hearts, piece lives back together, and bring purpose to life.


When individuals find Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, they are spiritual infants. God’s desire is to see His children become spiritual adults. For this to happen, we must nurture them, pray with them, study God’s Word with them, walk with them, and be there for them. With God’s help, we want to help lead them into a deeper walk with Christ.


God saves us for a purpose. That purpose is that we may share our faith with others and lead others to find this great gift we have found in Jesus. The final step of our mission is to help every believer to be involved in leading others to Christ, whether it is through teaching, leading a Bible study, witnessing, or some other avenue.