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  • wanted-gospel-preachers

    Wanted: Gospel Preachers

    So here we have the gospel answering all of the needs of men...it is in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  • faith-in-the-valley

    Faith in the Valley

    Life is uncertain, at best. But the promise of eternal life to all who believe is as certain as the word of God.

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  • the-day-of-love

    The Day of Love

    I can think of no day more packed with love than the day Christ went to the cross. Jesus said that there is no greater...

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  • looking-for-faith

    Looking for Faith

    The power to keep us is in Christ. It is only by constant faith in Christ that we can have constant victory.

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  • fake-truth

    Fake Truth

    Jesus said that He is the truth. It is His truth that we must never abandon.

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