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  • your-life-matters

    Your Life Matters

    Eighteen month old baby Jessica was left in the back yard of a Midland, Texas home for just a moment. But that was long enough...

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  • american-disgrace

    American Disgrace

    Every day when he went to the Oval Office, President Reagan would be dressed in a business suit.  Whether or not he had appointments with...

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  • you-have-to-fight

    You Have to Fight

    The first condition Jesus gave for anyone to follow Him is that they begin a battle with self.  If I call myself a follower of...

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  • when-do-i-die

    When Will I Die?

    The four seater single engine plane had accelerated down the runway for take-off, easily became airborne in the calm early September Alaskan air, made the...

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  • burning-hearts

    Burning Hearts

    The two travelers were so sad that their feet dragged as they walked. The few miles ahead seemed interminable. Then the stranger joined them. “Why...

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