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  • burning-hearts

    Burning Hearts

    The two travelers were so sad that their feet dragged as they walked. The few miles ahead seemed interminable. Then the stranger joined them. “Why...

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  • how-not-to-shoot-the-wounded

    How to Not Shoot Our Wounded

    A friend who had owned a towing business told me of a terrible accident in which a woman was trapped in a burning car.  The...

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  • my-take-on-osas

    My Take on OSAS

    If a man is righteous but has a son who is unrighteous, the righteousness of the father does not go to the account of the...

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  • gordeuk-last-sermon

    The Last Message I Preached

    It was only a few days before my voice box was removed that in a very gravelly voice I preached my last sermon. The text...

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  • gods-love-and-satans-hate

    God’s Love and Satan’s Hate

    It’s a good thing that God loves us, because it is certain that the devil hates us. Jesus warned that our enemy comes to steal,...

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