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  • dangerous-families

    Dangerous Families

    Of all births in the U.S. in 2014, 40.2% were to unmarried women.* This is not a good indicator for the future wellbeing of these...

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  • winning-over-temptation

    Winning Over Temptation

    We cannot borrow spiritual power. To have the victory over evil we must first personally submit to God.

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  • politics-spiritual-anesthesia

    Politics: Spiritual Anesthesia

    Politics can become a kind of spiritual anesthesia. But we must keep our witness bright.

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  • Jesus-among-the-idols

    Jesus Among the Idols

    My own interaction with the Bible points out the need for presenting its truth in its chronological context.

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  • trying-your-faith

    Trying Your Faith

    Your faith will be tested.  Count on it.  It is the nature of faith.  It will be tested to the point that you wonder if...

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