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  • what-about-faith

    What About Faith?

    Buryats are tribal people, some of whom live in Siberia just north of Mongolia. A significant number of them are Buddhists.  When my brothers and...

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  • accepted


    Two news stories in the last couple days leave one not knowing whether to laugh or cry. One has to do with the up and...

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  • strange-teaching

    Strange Teaching

    MOSC (Man of Strange Church): You can’t rely on the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount. That happened before the resurrection of Jesus. The...

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  • hope-of-the-gospel

    Hope of the Gospel

    “Papa, can the pastor ever give us some hope?” The question came from a pre-teen girl who was returning home from a church service. My...

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  • Man feeling freedom on open sea

    Truth to Power, Truth to Weakness

    True story. The fifth grade boy was listening to his teacher give an introductory lesson on evolution. After a while he raised his hand. “I...

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