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  • rainbows


    ...what a reminder of God’s faithfulness when we see the beautiful bow He has set in the clouds. Thank God for the rainbow!

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  • have-you-considered-my-servant

    Have You Considered My Servant?

    Job. A man not to be envied. He was singled out by the Lord for intense examination by Satan. Satan gave Job the once over and then went over...

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  • are-you-angry

    Are You Angry?

    It is not easy to to curtail anger...but remember, we are not called to give a natural response to sinners.

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  • the-tone-of-love

    The Tone of Love

    For some inexplicable reason my parents allowed me, as a juvenile, to stay in a room with my friend Boog. We were at camp meeting...

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  • decisions-decisions

    Decisions, Decisions

    We all make decisions, but where do we go for advice?

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