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  • Open Bible on American Flag

    I Am a Christian American

    There was a time that I considered myself to be a patriotic American. My father used to tell me that to be a good Christian...

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  • the-burden-of-judgment

    The Burden of Judgment

    There is a burden of judgement that we may carry, and sometimes that is too great of a load to bear.

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  • not-all-republicans-practice-atheism

    Not all Republicans Practice Atheism

    Some Republicans still believe that if America ceases to be good it will no longer be great. Some Republicans don't care about what God thinks.

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  • trumps-cursing

    Trump’s Cursing

    When Bill Clinton had his affair with Monica Lewinsky, he did incalculable damage to the nation. Now another unspoken taboo is biting the dust.

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  • the-forgotten-sin-of-abortion

    The Forgotten Sin of Abortion

    The pro-life movement is alive and well. Increasing thousands show up each year at the March for Life in Washington, D. C. Estimates of the...

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