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  • faith-walk

    Faith Walk

    Charles Miley said of his walk with Christ in the garden, that “the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known.”...

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  • is-Jesus-safe

    Is Jesus Safe?

    There is an idea making its rounds among many people about Jesus. They make Him out to be a sixties hippie peace and love type...

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    Where is God When Things Don’t Work Out?

    This past week I received questions from someone who expressed great disillusionment. His personal life is marked by depression. His wife did not turn out...

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  • heavens-choir-of-tiny-voices

    Heaven’s Choir of Tiny Voices: “Tell Mother I am Here”

    When he learned that his mother was ill, President William McKinley had a telegraph installed between Washington and the town where she lived so that...

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  • hurting-love

    Hurting Love

    The old man’s heart was about to break. In what should have been his golden years he felt like he was in a dark dungeon....

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