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  • who-is-the-hero

    Who is the Hero?

    Recently I saw a piece written by a parishioner about her pastor. She was amazed at how he could make himself out to be the...

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  • baby

    What Lives Matter?

    I believe that every human life can trace its ancestry all the way back to the family of Noah and his three sons.  The story...

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  • Public domain image from www.public-domain-image.com

    “Hey, Look! A Squirrel!”

    The woods had been quiet for a long period and I wanted to at least see something from the tree stand from which I was...

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  • =

    There is Forgiveness!

    Greg had been attending our campus Christian fellowship meetings at Penn State for a few weeks with some friends. It was not apparent outwardly, but...

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  • what-is-new-about-the-new-commandment

    What is New About the New Commandment?

    This is what Jesus had in mind for His followers...that His people love each other.

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