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  • back-side-of-sin

    The Back Side of Sin

    The beginning is easy to go with, fun, feels good, and alleviates the momentary pressure of natural desires.  The beginning also fits in well with what is trending in the community of the world.  It is chic, daring, bold, and feels free.  It is defining for the individual and an

  • Is There Ever a Time for a Church Split?

    Is There Ever a Time for a Church Split?

    With hurt in his eyes and controlled anguish in his voice, a friend told me that his own relative had informed him that they no longer had basis for Christian fellowship.  Because of some supposed difference in beliefs, he could no longer commune with his flesh and blood brother.  Did

  • the-worsening-of-evil

    The Worsening of Evil

    How could it get worse than the last century when multitudes of people were brutally killed by various totalitarian regimes? The terror of Soviet communism, the barbarity of the Nazis, the killing fields of Cambodia, the massacres of Mao, all violently took the lives of multiplied millions of people.

  • Limitations of Argument

    The Limitations of Argument

    The argument was almost to get out of hand. I was standing for traditional morality and the radical student at the other side of the table was not happy. In fact, he wanted to go outside of the student union building and settle it by fists. I politely declined....

  • jm_100_OT_-P17.tiff

    Must Christians Pay “the price of citizenship”?

    When Elaine Huguenin, because of her Christian principles, politely declined to do photographs for the ceremony of two lesbians in 2006, she was sued. In 2008, The New Mexico Supreme Court sided against her, telling her...that people “must compromise, if only a little, to accommodate the contrasting values of others.”