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  • 4172857_o

    Obituary – Alvin Morgan

    Alvin Kidd Morgan, 90, of Hobe Sound, Florida passed away on March 24, 2015 at Consulate Nursing Home in West Palm Beach, Florida. Born in...

  • emmaus_road

    The Gospel Standard for Truth

    The standard for everything in the Christian life is the gospel.  If we move away from the gospel in our teaching, preaching, or even our...

  • gossips

    Busybodies: We Don’t Know Who We Are

    Here is a suspicion:  a lot of us have been involved in difficult and uncomfortable situations because of someone being a busybody, and we may...

  • isis

    Are We No Better Than They?

    An open letter addressed to adherents of a religion that was not Christian went something like this: “We are no better than you.  We are...

  • back-side-of-sin

    The Back Side of Sin

    The beginning is easy to go with, fun, feels good, and alleviates the momentary pressure of natural desires.  The beginning also fits in well with...