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  • here-i-stand-luther

    I’m a Believer

    I used to consider myself a conservative evangelical but I’m not sure anymore what I am.  A while ago I sent a letter to the...

  • fog-lifts

    When the Fog Lifts…Make a Note

    The late John R. W. Stott, Anglican cleric and prolific Christian writer, stated that he mostly went around in a kind of fog but periodically...

  • smashing a light bulb

    Repent, Run From the Light, or Smash the Bulb

    “Back in the day” (early 1980s) the State College, Pennsylvania, City Council was having an open forum about a housing ordinance that would have forced...

  • the-last-supper

    Twisting the Texts

    Alan Colmes on his talk radio show in asserting that the Indiana religious freedom law promotes bigotry, stated that every legislature in the nation is...

  • 4172857_o

    Obituary – Alvin Morgan

    Alvin Kidd Morgan, 90, of Hobe Sound, Florida passed away on March 24, 2015 at Consulate Nursing Home in West Palm Beach, Florida. Born in...