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  • no-certain-tomb

    No Certain Tomb

    Two places lay claim to be the burial site of Jesus. The first is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which was first built by...

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  • how-to-live-for-God

    How to Live for God (Even When You’re Young)

    A few weeks ago I wrote an urgent message to a special group on my prayer list -children of Christian parents who were taught to...

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  • abundant-ignorance

    Abundant Ignorance

    “How silly of you Christians to believe in a sky god that doesn’t exist. You may as well believe in Peter Pan.” These kinds of...

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  • good-friday

    Answering Evil

    Two questions demonstrate the difference between how people view the world and God. The first goes something like this: “How can a God of love...

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  • where-is-Jesus

    Where is Jesus?

    He was a good man in the eyes of many people. His outward life seemed perfect. All his friends trusted him. His acquaintances held him...

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