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  • the-language-of-authority

    The Language of Authority

    The instructor was discussing the various concepts advanced about the beginning of languages. She explained the “Bow-wow” theory as well as the “Ugh, ugh” theory....

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  • under-cover

    Under Cover

    Whether the nation will come back to acknowledging God as the Lord will only be known in the days to come. However, God’s people need...

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  • danger-zone

    Danger Zone

    Many Christians feel as though we have “dodged a bullet” in the recent election. It is true that had the opposite candidate won, the church...

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  • it-is-time-to-preach-the-gospel

    After the Election It is Time to Preach the Gospel

    If the outcome of the election for President of the United States of America had been different, it would not have changed the number of...

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  • heres-how-i-will-vote

    Here’s How I Will Vote

    As a Christian American I believe that it is my duty to vote.  As I understand it, that is part of what was involved in...

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