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  • Abundant Living Cover

    Backslide Proofing

    Is there a way to backslide-proof people who live for Jesus?  A recent study of American churches (2014) stated that of people in their 20s...

  • Gavel, symbol of judicial decisions and justice

    Unlawful Attractions

    When a married man is attracted to an unmarried woman, that attraction is unlawful.  It is to be immediately turned from.  When a man is...

  • young-turks

    Demon Possession: Contemporary Style

    One hundred years ago (1915) a political party known as the Young Turks implemented a policy designed to destroy the population of Armenians from the...

  • Bible and the white rose

    Holiness is a Beautiful Thing

    It was the concept of holiness that brought a reaction at a Bible study I was conducting.  “I don’t like that word,” candidly stated a...

  • how-to-defeat-tyrants

    How to Defeat Tyrants

    Two liberal “celebrities” have very recently shown a strain of tyranny underlying their beliefs.  At the 2015 Women in the World Summit, Hillary Clinton stated...