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  • i-felt-the-darkness

    I Felt the Darkness

    It was Thursday.  It was also a day of darkness; a horror of darkness.  I had come back into the hospital because the wound from...

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  • holiness-is-a-beautiful-thing

    Discovering Love

    How can two people who say they love each other so much that they will promise to forsake all others for their whole lives, come...

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  • Space Shuttle Flying Over The Clouds. 3D Scene.

    “Houston, we have a (Lying) problem!”

    Just days after the voters in Houston, TX rejected a bill that would have forced public restrooms to allow men to use women’s bathrooms under...

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  • The Invitation

    The Invitation

    The invitation was hers, unmistakably hers.  She had it and held on to it.  Amazingly, it was from the King’s Son; a personal invitation: “Come...

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  • radical-christians-to-campus-radicals

    Radical Christians to Campus Radicals

    (The seventies was a time of unrest on college campuses and along with that were a lot of questions and searching. I was part of...

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