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  • truth-please

    Truth, Please

    The lead story in the June 2017 National Geographic magazine was titled “Why We Lie: The Science Behind Our Deceptive Ways.”  The byline read, “Honesty...

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  • word-1940813_1920

    Instrument of Grace

    When I first met her, she was already losing the winsome spirit that had influenced several people to come to the Lord and to the...

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  • pexels cross

    Cross Glory

    A half century ago, A.W. Tozer warned that the church was abandoning the old rugged cross for a modern smooth cross. Instead of a cross...

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  • if-it-be-possible

    If It Be Possible

    As a young man, Dostoevsky, the Russian writer, was imprisoned. The day came when he was taken along with others to be executed. After listening...

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  • why-preach-the-gospel

    Why Preach the Gospel?

    Paul the Apostle answered the question by saying, “I am debtor.” Someone had proclaimed the good news of salvation to him, so he felt compelled...

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