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  • why-preach-the-gospel

    Why Preach the Gospel?

    Paul the Apostle answered the question by saying, “I am debtor.” Someone had proclaimed the good news of salvation to him, so he felt compelled...

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  • i-believe-genesis

    I Believe Genesis

    Genesis is the first book in the Bible, the word of God. The Bible says that “every word of God is pure.” It proves true,...

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  • better-things

    Better Things

    Grace is greater than sin.  He was a serial killer, responsible for the deaths of at least twenty-eight women. He was finally apprehended, tried, convicted,...

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  • victory-of-the-broken-heart

    Victory of the Broken Heart

    It’s a wonderful thing how plastic surgeons can work on people who have extreme disfigurements to their faces and after surgeries have them looking rather...

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  • what-about-faith

    What About Faith?

    Buryats are tribal people, some of whom live in Siberia just north of Mongolia. A significant number of them are Buddhists.  When my brothers and...

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