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    There is Forgiveness!

    Greg had been attending our campus Christian fellowship meetings at Penn State for a few weeks with some friends. It was not apparent outwardly, but...

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  • what-is-new-about-the-new-commandment

    What is New About the New Commandment?

    This is what Jesus had in mind for His followers...that His people love each other.

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  • no-deity-will-save-us

    No Deity Will Save Us?

    In 1933, a group of humanists including John Dewey, “the father of modern education,” published a manifesto that promoted a philosophy which was secular and...

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  • just-by-faith

    Just By Faith

    How do you love those that hate you? When they falsely accuse you?  When they say all manner of evil against you?  When they call...

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  • compassionate-shepherd

    Compassionate Shepherd

    A shepherd keeps sheep together. Without a shepherd, they scatter, wandering aimlessly until they become weak.  Alone with no defender or guide, they have little...

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