The Tone of Love

For some inexplicable reason my parents allowed me, as a juvenile, to stay in a room with my friend Boog. We were at camp meeting and the walls were paper thin. As night progressed Boog and I told stories and made jokes that were, to us, progressively funny. Our laughter...

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God’s Love and Satan’s Hate

It’s a good thing that God loves us, because it is certain that the devil hates us. Jesus warned that our enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He tried to do it even to our Lord in the wilderness. He tried to steal His innocence by proposing He turn...

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Does God Really Love Me?

For decades George Beverly Shea sang for Billy Graham in his crusades.  Considering the response to the gospel message that he witnessed night after night for many years, Shea commented on “the wonder of it all.”  Later, he wrote a song which expressed more specifically “the wonder that God loves...

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Discovering Love

How can two people who say they love each other so much that they will promise to forsake all others for their whole lives, come to the place where they get a divorce and don’t want to see or be reminded of one another?  The news is replete with stories...

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