Why Preach the Gospel?

Paul the Apostle answered the question by saying, “I am debtor.” Someone had proclaimed the good news of salvation to him, so he felt compelled to tell others. It should be the same with us. As a college student in the 1960’s I realized that although others may have had...

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Don’t Mess With the Gospel

He was an encourager.  He was quick to talk of the good news.  He helped people along the way.  He urged people to continue to believe, even when they were discouraged.  He loved people like a father loves his children.  He prayed for the welfare of people and encouraged others...

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The Gospel Standard for Truth

The standard for everything in the Christian life is the gospel.  If we move away from the gospel in our teaching, preaching, or even our personal spiritual confidence to something else, we cease to be New Testament believers.  This is no small thing.  The Reformation was necessary because of ecclesiastics...

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