There is Forgiveness!

Greg had been attending our campus Christian fellowship meetings at Penn State for a few weeks with some friends. It was not apparent outwardly, but Greg was inwardly unsettled. The message of Christ and His salvation had been moving him to consider himself and his past life. Greg realized that...

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Who Crosses the Line of No Forgiveness?

A certain amount believers sometime in their Christian walk enter what has been called the “wilderness state” where they seem to have lost all connection with God. Their hearts are heavy. They wonder if God has truly abandoned them. They have trouble believing God’s promises apply to them. At a...

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The Back Side of Sin

The beginning is easy to go with, fun, feels good, and alleviates the momentary pressure of natural desires.  The beginning also fits in well with what is trending in the community of the world.  It is chic, daring, bold, and feels free.  It is defining for the individual and an...

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