• lifeline


    Our lifeline is the Bible, the words of Christ. God’s word sustains our spiritual lives.

  • thou-shalt-not-kill

    Thou Shalt Not Kill

    The commandments show how sinful we really are. And they are there to take us to the cross.

  • is-Jesus-enough

    Is Jesus Enough?

    Ever since the earliest days of the church there has been the problem of false teaching twisting the truth of the gospel.

  • changing-times

    Changing Times

    The times they are a changing, but the Bible is still the same.

  • what-Jesus-said

    What Jesus Said

    Jesus came to earth to do more than show us how that in our natural state we are far from God. He came to do something about it.

  • rainbows


    ...what a reminder of God’s faithfulness when we see the beautiful bow He has set in the clouds. Thank God for the rainbow!

  • have-you-considered-my-servant

    Have You Considered My Servant?

    Job. A man not to be envied. He was singled out by the Lord for intense examination by Satan. Satan gave Job the once over and then went over him again. As far as Job was concerned it was a blind study. He didn’t know what was going on and as far as we...

  • are-you-angry

    Are You Angry?

    It is not easy to to curtail anger...but remember, we are not called to give a natural response to sinners.

  • the-tone-of-love

    The Tone of Love

    For some inexplicable reason my parents allowed me, as a juvenile, to stay in a room with my friend Boog. We were at camp meeting and the walls were paper thin. As night progressed Boog and I told stories and made jokes that were, to us, progressively funny. Our laughter...

  • decisions-decisions

    Decisions, Decisions

    We all make decisions, but where do we go for advice?