Christians In An Election Year (Guest Post)

This presidential primary season has been one that we will not likely soon forget. Anger, pride, mean-spirited attacks, and schoolyard banter has been spewed on an almost daily basis.
If you are like me, you entered this primary season hoping to see a revival in the political realm – a revival of values that reflect the Judo–Christian basis upon which this nation was founded. I had hoped that we would see an end to liberal policies and the steep decline that we have experienced as a nation over the last decade.
In the interest of seeing this revival, many evangelical Christians have been bold in support of their preferred candidate. At times their boldness has deteriorated into the same petty attacks, anger, and schoolyard banter that we have seen from many of the campaigns. Unfortunately, at times, I believe we have crossed the line in trying to get others to “see our point of view.” Our words have been harsh, our attitudes have been abrasive, and our love for one another has been lacking.
I believe that Christians need to be reminded of some core truths:

  1. We are living for another world. We can get excited about the political process, we can even promote our favorite candidate, but at the end of the day, we are not living for the here and now.
  2. God is still God. Regardless of how this political season ends; regardless of who is elected, our hope is in the “eternal God who is our refuge and strength”! He is still in control of this world, and earth is still His “footstool”.
  3. We are called to “Love one another.” Even if I disagree with your political position, we are to demonstrate love. The early church was marked by love and as a result they were a beacon of hope in a dark world – darker than it is today.
  4. As Christians we are brothers and sisters. We need to look for ways to promote unity – not sow discord. We need to look for ways to extend hands of fellowship – not swords. We need to demonstrate to a dark world that we have something to offer – something that changes us from the inside out!
  5. Light is still light, and salt still flavors. Friends, our country is seeking something that will bring satisfaction to an empty life. Some want more money. Others want free stuff. But ultimately they are looking to satisfy the emptiness that only Christ can satisfy. The answer isn’t found in politics, a politician, a governmental structure, a strong military, or even the constitution. The answer is Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we have the wonderful privilege of being light and salt to a dark and bland world. Let’s go make a difference!


  1. Reply
    Jennifer Boyd says

    You hit the nail on the head…when all is said and done, we need to still be able to say we love one another.

  2. Reply
    Donna Tyler says

    Praying for our enemies may even include “political enemies”.

  3. Reply
    Erma E Greene says

    “May our light not flicker…under the winds of the Storm”
    Erma Greene

  4. Reply
    Patricia Christian says

    Thank you for these posts. I have read them and realise God is our only answer an Anchor in the storms of life. Let us be true and faithful.

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