Bye-Bye Morals

In 2010, then Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was considering a run at the White House on the Republican ticket.  During his time of testing the waters, he suggested that due to the serious economic challenges facing the nation, Republicans should make a truce concerning social issues.  Set things aside like...

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Rejoice and Weep, Warn and Comfort

Two eager kids were in the car on their way to take their hunter’s safety final after attending the required classes.  I was driving and hopeful that they would be successful.  We arrived at the testing site and each one took the test.  One finished very quickly and when the...

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Dangerous Families

Of all births in the U.S. in 2014, 40.2% were to unmarried women.* This is not a good indicator for the future wellbeing of these children. One headline recently stated “New Study: Child Abuse Down, But Kids in Single Parent Families Far More Likely to be Abused.”  More from the...

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Trying Your Faith

Your faith will be tested.  Count on it.  It is the nature of faith.  It will be tested to the point that you wonder if you can hold on.  It will seem like your heart is made of lead.  The sky will be black.  Things will seem hopeless. Your faith...

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The Advocate

The accused stands almost mute against the accusations.  The accuser has made a strong case based on facts that are irrefutable.  The accused has tried to bury them but they are there; strong facts by which any jury would be convinced to bring a guilty verdict.  The accuser is smirking,...

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Christians In An Election Year (Guest Post)

This presidential primary season has been one that we will not likely soon forget. Anger, pride, mean-spirited attacks, and schoolyard banter has been spewed on an almost daily basis. If you are like me, you entered this primary season hoping to see a revival in the political realm – a...

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