Trying Your Faith

Your faith will be tested.  Count on it.  It is the nature of faith.  It will be tested to the point that you wonder if you can hold on.  It will seem like your heart is made of lead.  The sky will be black.  Things will seem hopeless. Your faith...

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The Advocate

The accused stands almost mute against the accusations.  The accuser has made a strong case based on facts that are irrefutable.  The accused has tried to bury them but they are there; strong facts by which any jury would be convinced to bring a guilty verdict.  The accuser is smirking,...

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Christians In An Election Year (Guest Post)

This presidential primary season has been one that we will not likely soon forget. Anger, pride, mean-spirited attacks, and schoolyard banter has been spewed on an almost daily basis. If you are like me, you entered this primary season hoping to see a revival in the political realm – a...

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chitarrista 2

Elvis, The Beatles, and Our World

Elvis Presley became an increasingly popular musician in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s to the delight of fans and at the same time eliciting the denunciation of not a few American pulpits. Many of his detractors took great exception to his antics on stage, which were anything but modest....

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How Are We to Relate to Old Testament Law?

Confusion regarding the laws given to Moses in the old covenant and how to apply them, if at all, under the new covenant is not a new thing. Neither is it an old thing. Recently while I was teaching in a session which was part of a prison ministry, I...

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Open Bible on American Flag

I Am a Christian American

There was a time that I considered myself to be a patriotic American. My father used to tell me that to be a good Christian in our country one should be patriotic and to be a good patriot one should be a good Christian. For him, the two went together....

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