The Last Message I Preached

It was only a few days before my voice box was removed that in a very gravelly voice I preached my last sermon. The text was Paul’s stirring personal confession of his great responsibility before God to his hearers. “For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory...

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God’s Love and Satan’s Hate

It’s a good thing that God loves us, because it is certain that the devil hates us. Jesus warned that our enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He tried to do it even to our Lord in the wilderness. He tried to steal His innocence by proposing He turn...

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A Love Song the Stars Hear

He was so pleased with his bride that he made up a song and then sang until the stars heard him. He had loved her from the start, but she had been hard to get. She had acted as though he didn’t even exist. And when he persisted in his...

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Amsterdam Red Light District

Amsterdam Values or Real Revival

Consider this description of values of a society:  “Preaching publicly against homosexuality produced an entirely negative reaction…We were violating the ordinary man’s sense of right and wrong…Even heterosexual people, including grandmothers,  reacted aggressively when we spoke out against homosexual practices and pointed to such activity…as one indication of how far...

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New is Better

C. S. Lewis wrote about some children going into an old wardrobe and finding that it led them to a fantastic place he called Narnia. They had been in a large house doing some exploring when they found a new world filled with wonder and adventure. Their old way of...

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Who is the Hero?

Recently I saw a piece written by a parishioner about her pastor. She was amazed at how he could make himself out to be the hero in almost any of his messages. When he preached on the sufferings of Jesus, she was impressed at how cleverly he wove the story...

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What Lives Matter?

I believe that every human life can trace its ancestry all the way back to the family of Noah and his three sons.  The story of each person’s heritage has the same familial beginning.  That is a Biblical position which emphasizes that God “hath made of one blood all nations...

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“Hey, Look! A Squirrel!”

The woods had been quiet for a long period and I wanted to at least see something from the tree stand from which I was hoping to shoot a deer. That’s when I saw movement in the distance. Turkeys. At least I had something to look at. I focused on...

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There is Forgiveness!

Greg had been attending our campus Christian fellowship meetings at Penn State for a few weeks with some friends. It was not apparent outwardly, but Greg was inwardly unsettled. The message of Christ and His salvation had been moving him to consider himself and his past life. Greg realized that...

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