Where is God When Things Don’t Work Out?

This past week I received questions from someone who expressed great disillusionment. His personal life is marked by depression. His wife did not turn out to be what he thought she would be. His child had major problems and is in prison. He thinks God does not care about Christians...

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Hurting Love

The old man’s heart was about to break. In what should have been his golden years he felt like he was in a dark dungeon. The light had gone out of his life. And it was all because of her. When she was just a wee thing whom no one...

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Shooting Arrows

According to the Archery Trade Association, 21.6 million Americans participated in bow shooting in 2014. That’s a lot of arrows being sent toward a target. That number does not include people like me who once were archers but for some reason can no longer take part in the sport. The...

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Word Matters

Word Matters Sheldon Vanauken wrote a book he titled “A Severe Mercy.” His point was that sometimes God uses painful things to get our attention. In his case, it was his straying heart that God arrested by the pain he experienced in the illness and death of his wife. The...

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One Message

After the Christmas Eve service we attended in Virginia, my brother-in-law asked a fair question, “When the preacher was speaking, were you critiquing him? I wondered about that since you have been a minister.”  I admitted that, yes, I had in some ways critiqued the sermon.  What I noted was...

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Mary’s Christmas

The Lord Jesus, in his years of teaching, gave this commentary about child birth. “A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is...

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Fellowship of the Broken Heart

The book was small, with a dark clothbound cover. “Read this,” said my friend. I looked at the title: “The Tears of God.” That didn’t seem right. God, who spoke the worlds into existence, who parted the sea with His breath, in whose eyes the nations are but a drop...

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The Son’s Mission Trip

Jesus took a thirty-three year journey to Calvary. He came as a baby. He grew and increased in favor with God and man. He developed friendships along the way. Then He began His ministry. He was misunderstood by most people and even His friends thought He was beside Himself when...

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The Language of Authority

The instructor was discussing the various concepts advanced about the beginning of languages. She explained the “Bow-wow” theory as well as the “Ugh, ugh” theory. When the evolution of man from primates reached a certain degree of sophistication, she taught, the beastly humans began to form verbal communication. Her view...

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