No Deity Will Save Us?

In 1933, a group of humanists including John Dewey, “the father of modern education,” published a manifesto that promoted a philosophy which was secular and hopeful for a bright future.  In 1973, after recognizing that World War II did not live up to their optimism, leading secularists published Humanist Manifesto...

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Just By Faith

How do you love those that hate you? When they falsely accuse you?  When they say all manner of evil against you?  When they call you a hater?  When they consider you to be an ignoramus? When they mock what is good and extol what is evil?  Sometimes you have...

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Compassionate Shepherd

A shepherd keeps sheep together. Without a shepherd, they scatter, wandering aimlessly until they become weak.  Alone with no defender or guide, they have little courage.  Now they are easy prey to the predators who eye them greedily. The Bible likens people to sheep.  On their own, they can easily...

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Bye-Bye Morals

In 2010, then Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was considering a run at the White House on the Republican ticket.  During his time of testing the waters, he suggested that due to the serious economic challenges facing the nation, Republicans should make a truce concerning social issues.  Set things aside like...

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Rejoice and Weep, Warn and Comfort

Two eager kids were in the car on their way to take their hunter’s safety final after attending the required classes.  I was driving and hopeful that they would be successful.  We arrived at the testing site and each one took the test.  One finished very quickly and when the...

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Dangerous Families

Of all births in the U.S. in 2014, 40.2% were to unmarried women.* This is not a good indicator for the future wellbeing of these children. One headline recently stated “New Study: Child Abuse Down, But Kids in Single Parent Families Far More Likely to be Abused.”  More from the...

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