Abundant Ignorance

“How silly of you Christians to believe in a sky god that doesn’t exist. You may as well believe in Peter Pan.” These kinds of statements are often seen in the comment section after an article that takes a Biblical position.  When I read them, I realize that the ignorance of...

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Answering Evil

Two questions demonstrate the difference between how people view the world and God. The first goes something like this: “How can a God of love watch the violence and evil in the world and not put a stop to it?” The second asks, “How can a perfectly holy God allow...

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Where is Jesus?

He was a good man in the eyes of many people. His outward life seemed perfect. All his friends trusted him. His acquaintances held him in high esteem. But he had a problem. He did not know the truth. But that did not stop him from teaching others. He was...

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When Love is Hate

The latest experiment in free speech on campus didn’t work out well at Vermont’s Middlebury College where a speaker was shouted down and physically accosted because his subject matter was not in the zone of the acceptable. “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray, go away” shouted the students. They followed up...

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A Message to Some Special People

Included in my daily prayer list is a special group of people. These are those who have been brought up by godly parents, who have heard the gospel from a young age, many of whom have even at one time made a profession of faith. But they are for one...

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Faith Walk

Charles Miley said of his walk with Christ in the garden, that “the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known.” I have wondered about that and then realized that each person who lives by faith has a unique relationship with the Lord. For example, when...

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Is Jesus Safe?

There is an idea making its rounds among many people about Jesus. They make Him out to be a sixties hippie peace and love type who would never hurt any one’s feelings. In my observation of their Jesus concept, He is the ultimate safe space for everything from alternate music...

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Where is God When Things Don’t Work Out?

This past week I received questions from someone who expressed great disillusionment. His personal life is marked by depression. His wife did not turn out to be what he thought she would be. His child had major problems and is in prison. He thinks God does not care about Christians...

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