Illegal Jews: Why the World Hates Jewish People

In the second century in Cyprus, it was illegal for a person to be Jewish. This was mere decades after the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD followed by Hadrian selling the land to the Gentiles in 135 AD. If it was illegal to be Jewish, where could they...

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Very Merry

A Very Merry ______mas To You!

A Very Merry ______mas To You! Johnson County Kentucky Superintendent of Schools, a Mr. Salyer, being a good government employee sent out a directive that censored from an elementary school play the ______mas story as recorded in the Gospel of Luke. It was “Charlie Brown’s ______mas” that had the Bible...

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Whatever Happened to Swaddling Clothes?

“Strips of cloths.”  Are you kidding me?  What’s wrong with “swaddling clothes?” When I was a small boy my mother would make bandages of strips of cloths.  She would take an old sheet or some other discarded material, tear it into approximately one inch strips, and bind up our wounds. ...

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Does God Really Love Me?

For decades George Beverly Shea sang for Billy Graham in his crusades.  Considering the response to the gospel message that he witnessed night after night for many years, Shea commented on “the wonder of it all.”  Later, he wrote a song which expressed more specifically “the wonder that God loves...

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Who Are You Quoting?

On reading a reputable Christian author, I noticed that several of the quotations he used were from very ungodly sources.  These quotations were used to bolster his points, to give his arguments strength, and elevate his presentation. The people he quoted were his authorities, at least on the particular point...

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