Radical Christians to Campus Radicals

(The seventies was a time of unrest on college campuses and along with that were a lot of questions and searching. I was part of an evangelistic movement which involved holiness churches. The organization was called Overcomers and we promoted several rallies on university campuses. The following occurred in 1970-71...

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Desperate People

Clint (not his real name) showed desperation on several occasions in the time I knew him. He was a thirty something single father who had learned that his daughter was walking the streets of a southern city. He found a way to get her to our area. He fixed her...

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The Problem

One of the attacks on Kim Davis has been that she is a poor representative of her cause because of her past personal history. How can she assume to take some kind of moral high road on marriage when she has been such a poor example herself because of her...

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Reviving Hell, Reclaiming Heaven

It is not enough for abortion advocates to have been given some kind of right to snuff out the lives of pre-born humans. They want to silence those who oppose abortion, thus the buffer zones around abortion clinics. They also want everyone in healthcare to facilitate their practice and even...

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