Soviet-era Compromise is Back

​​​​She sat in her classroom and listened with growing unease as the teacher spoke of the new plan the Soviet government had for schools. Among other education reforms was the mandate for the teaching that there is no God. It was part of Stalin’s first five-year plan, adopted in 1928....

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Cure for Tormented Souls

She had been a model saint for years, praying, faithful, living a holy lifestyle.  Yet in her last months of life she began to be fearful.  Had she done enough?  Was she really holy enough?  Had her commitment to Jesus really been total?  Instead of facing death with calm assurance,...

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Why Donald Trump Cannot Save America

There is part of me that at this time in what has been called the land of the perpetual campaign is rooting for the outsiders. Actually, the most popular of these outsiders is not my candidate of choice, but I still applaud when any candidate wants to stick it to...

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