Don’t Mess With the Gospel

He was an encourager.  He was quick to talk of the good news.  He helped people along the way.  He urged people to continue to believe, even when they were discouraged.  He loved people like a father loves his children.  He prayed for the welfare of people and encouraged others...

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Wobbly Churches

What’s up with preachers and churches going all wobbly on things that the Bible has been straightforward on since it was written?  It seems like a weekly occurrence that we hear how “another one bites the dust” and opens the door for the abominable to be considered acceptable in church...

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Who Crosses the Line of No Forgiveness?

A certain amount believers sometime in their Christian walk enter what has been called the “wilderness state” where they seem to have lost all connection with God. Their hearts are heavy. They wonder if God has truly abandoned them. They have trouble believing God’s promises apply to them. At a...

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(Update) Live Stream and Archive Beta

We are excited to announce that our live stream and archive are moving to the primary Hobe Sound Bible Church website! We have just released them in beta form and would love for you to try them out. This beta version should work more smoothly on all devices. Also, video...

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is it a time for anger

Is it a Time for Anger?

One of the many prospective presidential candidates recently made the statement that he is not an “angry conservative,” implying that it is better to keep a happy face than to give in to emotions about current events and policies. That phrase, however, is reminiscent of the pejorative “angry white male”...

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