Killing Marriage

Something really bad has been happening to marriage.  I am not referring here to whatever the Supreme Court has in mind on the subject.  Less than fifty years ago and not long after I graduated from high school, the U. S. government published their finding that ten per cent of...

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How “Muslim” is Your Faith?

Finding forgiveness for sins and peace with God are very important to anyone who is not an atheist or an agnostic.  The acknowledgement that there is One who inhabits eternity brings with it a sense of awe and also that unsettled feeling of being unworthy to be in His presence....

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What’s Wrong With Evangelicals?

There has been a certain amount of concern expressed over the lack of depth of conversions in recent years, particularly in North America.  Statistics have shown that the moral climate among evangelical young people is almost no different than that among non-believers.  And among evangelical churches, the rate of family...

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Inverted Morality

Who’s to say what is right and wrong?  That was a question that the radicals in the 1960’s often asked.  Those of us who were among them and heard their arguments realized that they wanted to throw off the restraints of Christian beliefs that had been historically embraced by our...

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