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Backslide Proofing

Is there a way to backslide-proof people who live for Jesus?  A recent study of American churches (2014) stated that of people in their 20s who once went to church, 53% now do not attend.  Of those still attending, 40% say they have never been born again.  Those who still...

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Unlawful Attractions

When a married man is attracted to an unmarried woman, that attraction is unlawful.  It is to be immediately turned from.  When a man is attracted to another man, it is an unlawful attraction.  It also must be spurned.  The same is true of a woman, who leaving her natural...

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Demon Possession: Contemporary Style

One hundred years ago (1915) a political party known as the Young Turks implemented a policy designed to destroy the population of Armenians from the Ottoman Empire.  By 1923 their policy resulted in effectively eliminating the entire Armenian population.  Armenian communities were destroyed, their refugees fled across borders to the...

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Holiness is a Beautiful Thing

It was the concept of holiness that brought a reaction at a Bible study I was conducting.  “I don’t like that word,” candidly stated a lady seated in our circle.  Instead of relegating her to the group slanderously identified as “holiness fighters,” I tried to understand why she had such...

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